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Discover the craze

Poké is the delicious craze sweeping the country and at Poké Shack we are committed to bringing you the freshest, most delectable poké in the Valley. Poké has skyrocketed in popularity in the last few years thanks to the healthy, fresh nature of Poké bowls. Using only the freshest fish and vegetables eliminates the need for additives and preservatives. Made fresh daily rice, mix-ins and sauces ensures high quality, healthy food you can trust. Poké bowls from Poké Shack are the delicious, healthy and fresh solution to fast food.

What is Poké?

From Hawaiian Fisherman to your table

Poké is a traditional Hawaiian dish originally created by fishermen. Poké literally means to cut or slice and that is exactly what fishermen would do. Fishermen originally would use the cut offs from their latest catch and season them to create a scrumptious snack. Poké has evolved since these humble beginnings to the healthy, fresh bowls you can get today at Poké Shack.

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